Make a Difference

Phoenix Famtastical Festival gives your organization, company or organized group an opportunity to give back to the community through volunteerism.


Volunteering for The Festival is a fun time and a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives families in need.  We invite you, your family, co-workers, and friends to experience it for yourself.


  • Zone Attendants: Work with zone manager and sponsors to deliver a WOW experience for guest.
  • Lost Kids: Assist security team locating lost children, so they can quickly be reconnected with their parents/guardians.
  • Ambassadors: Walk the festival with information sheets to assist guests with directions and information on the event.
  • VIP Hospitality: Keep food and beverages available for Sponsor hospitality area. Keep the area clean for sponsors, including trash handling. Restock drinks and ice.
  • Volunteer Headquarters: Assist with volunteer check-in, , help volunteers with volunteer snack areas and restocking.
  • Surveys: Takes demographic information on festival attendees.
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Primary point of contact for volunteer an d PCF team, ensure lounge is orderly, brief all volunteer teams with PCF orientation
  • Zone Manager: Ensure zone stays on posted schedule of events with seamless transitions; ensure all guests have designated wrist bands
  • Zone Floater: Cover all zones hourly to assist with run of show as needed
  • Ticket Sales: Accept all agreed forms of payment and tickets as prescribed; Issue wrist bands guests –Required by all guest to enjoy PCF activities
  • All-Day Ride Pass Sales: receive payment as prescribed; issue ride tickets to guest with PCF wrist bands
  • Ride Ticket Takers: Ensure the guests present prescribed number of tickets for each ticketed activation. Ensure each guest presenting tickets have a wrist band
  • PCF Ambassadors: Warmly welcome all guests and share fun festival highlights
  • Beatification: Work with Reimage Phoenix to ensure festival and guests are in keeping with PCF’s Zero Waste recycling and sustainability initiative as prescribed. Ensuring adequate receptacles are placed throughout the event space and replaced at capacity.
  • Data Collectors: Collect & upload all available guest data & indicate guest participation.
  • VIP Coordinator: Ensure VIP area is presentable for guests at all time. Great VIP guests upon arrival, share PCF | VIP highlights
  • Vendor Coordinator: Ensure all vendors , sponsors and partners have all deliverable prior to start of the festival.
  • AM Set-Up-PCF: site is prepared per execution plan to receive guests with rental assets, signage, tables, and special requests.
  • PM Strike: Break down/clean up PCF event space.
  • Loading Doc: Ensure safe and efficient entry and exit of the Cityscape loading dock as prescribed. Ensure all guests exit the loading/unloading zone expeditiously with parking permits displayed.
  • Vendor Parking: Ensure parking permit is prominently displayed upon entry to the designated vendor parking lot. Direct guests to most readily available parking space available.
  • Social Media: Post social media updates and photos to provided handles.